Monday, February 05, 2007

Still here nothing new to report

I am still in the basic position we left off last time. My belly is very full I have no desire to eat. They have put me on a feeding tube, so I get something inside with calories. I sleep, and sleep, and sleep! To many interruptions 2-3 maybe at a time.

Monday, January 29, 2007

One very sick tired boy

I have been not able to update much on my blog lately. I haven’t had the strength or energy. I am sorry for all people how like to view it to see what is going on. My belly is large once again, I would like to hold off on getting tapped it does feel good to have my stomach smaller for a few hours but it doesn’t last long enough. The Doctors have been concerned that I haven’t been getting much nutrients so they stuck a feeding tube down my knows. That takes a lot of getting used to.

I know there is more I could say right now about what is going on but I am falling back asleep as I write this. God is so good at providing for our needs and is still on the thrown In control of every detail I am going through.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another upgrade

It is definitely not what you know. It is who you know. The nurses here are watching out for me so when the largest room on the floor became available again they were able to move me into it. So now my mom has a fold out bed instead of a cot. We also have a better view of the valley. Another great thing about switching rooms I have new walls to focus on. It is a great way to be distracted for a bit longer.

Thank You Lord for open amazing doors and opportunities!

Nothing lasts forever :-(

Today was a sad day. Last september they when my veins were having all of the problems and they kept poking me to try to get IV’s started they finally gave up and I got a PICC Line in my right arm. Oh it is a wonderful medical invention, you can use them like an IV and Push fluid in and but you can also Pull/draw blood out of the same line. I have wanted to keep it very happy and working for as long as possible. Well a few days ago it started to not allow us to draw blood, you had to be in the right position and hold your tongue just right and maybe it will work. Today the decision was made to replace out my PICC line so that it doesn’t become infected or anything. They don’t want any new bugs growing in me.

So I was sent to Angio and they were able to install a new PICC line in my left arm. The best part was that they were able to install the new one with just one poke. Yeah! Now I hope I can keep this one happy for so long like the previous PICC.

Monday, January 15, 2007

They wanted more

As much as I hate being tap they sent me back to take more off. They were going to do it sooner but I got them to put it off for a few more days but I couldn’t keep them away forever. So once again they took 4.8 liters off. Then put me on lasix ( I like that stuff) which make me move rapidly (bad when your body hurts) to the bathroom. They chart everything in the hospital how much in and how much out. So for one shift or so at least until it wore off I passed something like 3700 milliliters, which is like almost 4 liters. So in four days I have lost about 17 liters of fluid and roughly 25 lbs. And my belly is still bloated. My legs and ankles feal a lot better. They were very swollen when we came into the hospital and now they are almost normal again.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Now that is a full belly

Today right off the bat we went to get a ultra-sound to get TAPed again :-( But thankfully this time was less painful then the last one. They took 8.5 liters of my belly. It is sad it will only be flat for a few more hours then it will be full again.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Honey I'm home...

Well am back in the hospital. Again... My levels are still really high now to the point were doctors are concerned that something else might be going on. So right off the bat we get to go to angio and have a 2 nasty tubes changed in me.

Guess we will wait and see how long this stay is going to me.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Now for my next hobby.

I have decided to pick up another hobby too distract me. I want to set up an fish aquarium. but I know that if it isn’t a big tank and with a bunch of fish in it I will probably get bored. I also need to make it easier so that I could clean the tank and it won’t become my moms burden.

So I have decided that a 2,000 or so, if big is good then really big must be even more fun.

I guess fun is relative...

To somebody who is at full health and able to be hired by someone to take care of their big tank is more practicle then setting up your own big tank. In my 2 bedroom apartment where would I even put it so it can be enjoyed. So yes on the previous post I hope you were able to catch a bit of the sarcastic humor.

When I was young 2nd or 3rd grade my parents got me a small 2 gallon fishtank. I thought oh that would be fun again set it up and put a beta or something in it. Well upon further inspection it’s age is starting to really show, 20+ years I think we might have gotten our money’s worth on that one. There were heat/stress fractures showing in the plastic, the heater died, while we were setting it up. How sad it won't run forever.

The other thing my mom hated the idea of cleaning tanks. So we were looking and what do you want in it. And as we listed fish that would be fun to watch suddenly 2 gallon was not big enough. I was planning after surgery to start a 10 gallon tank. But when you have gift cards “Burning a hole in the pocket”, It is hard to pass up a deal. My mom didn’t want a big tank, she wanted something like 5 gal or less thinking she would have to move it to the kitchen to clean it. After talking to sales people and others (internet), and my limited prior experience with 10gal tanks you don’t move them once they are put in place cleaning and everything happens there. Also with a bigger tank if you don’t fill it with lots of fish they don’t need cleaned as often. She liked that idea. What started out as going to be a small project has now changed into something much larger, then I even expected. It is a great distraction, and a lot of fun to watch. And take pictures of :-)

I wanted to introduce you...

I wanted to introduce you to the newest coleman family member.

His name is Kappa, isn’t he so cute :-)